Virgin-Trains-Logo (1)Virgin Trains is one of the most popular train companies operating in the United Kingdom connecting major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow to the rest of the mainland, they have been operating for over 13 years and are one of the most distinctive  trains due to the bright red carriages.

Are you aware that Virgin Trains have a range special offers and discounts available to customers everyday of the week which can drastically cut the cost of your train ticket. We have done all the hard work for you collating the latest from Virgin so you don’t have to.


You can view all the latest offers from Virgin trains here, but we have summarised some of the best ones below so you don’t have to!

latest offers

Current offers

  • Birmingham to London just £7.50
  • Manchester to London just £12.50
  • London to Liverpool just £12.50

Off peak discounts

With Virgin Trains amazing discounts can be had on the normal price of your ticket when you travel at less busy times, for examples Friday evening is one of the most popular times to travel but can also be the most expensive so travelling on Saturday instead can big much cheaper.

So the best advice to find cheaper tickets is to try and travel at quieter times if possible.

First class upgrade

Fancy travelling in style? Then Virgin Trains can definitely help you. For just £15 on weekends you can upgrade to first class from your normal ticket for just £15.00 allowing you to sit back and relax enjoying the wide range of complimentary cold refreshments and snacks at your choice.

View more information on the website


Group discounts

Ever heard of the saying threes a crowd? Well not with Virgin, you can travel as a group of three(minimum) and save money on your ticket price,  you can even travel with up to 9 people and still save 10% on the third to ninth passengers ticket price.

View more information on group travel


Avoid booking fees with Virgin Trains

Booking fees are a sneaky way that many train booking websites bump up the price of your fare by as much as £3.00 each time, but with Virgin the booking fee is no exists whether your booking with your credit card or debit card. Other companies such as charge £1.00 just to book at ticket through their website.


Virgin Trains promotional codes July 2013

We are currently to aware of any single code promo codes you can use on the Virgin website but you can save a third OFF your next ticket price by purchasing a rail card.

Please see here

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