The Trainline Trains At Super Cheap Prices 2012

The trainline – Is an independent train ticket booking company which provides and impartial comparison of nearly all the train tickets and journeys within the United Kingdom across thousands of popular routes North, South, East and West. Thetrainline used to be owned by the railway giant Virgin Trains but has now swapped hands and is a privately owned company in the UK.


The trainline Pro’s and Con’s

Over the past few years there has been everything from joy to uproar regarding the trainline booking service due to the £1 booking fee which is currently charged on all tickets booked either online or by the phone, some people can swallow the £1 fee but other people view this as some sort of a con, but after all thetrainline is providing a comparison service which is aimed at finding you! the customer a cheaper train ticket.


The trainline promotional codes 2012

At present we are not aware of any current promotional codes being offered on the trainline website, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep checking back to our website as we always try to show the latest tickets and offers at the best prices possible.

How to train tickets book with

Booking train tickets with the train line could not get easier you basically have three main options in order to search, book, plan and buy. The most simple way to book your tickets is to logon to to the website and get searching with your travel requirements. The second method is to use the old school method of picking up the burner and ringing the call center, we can not confirm whether this will cost your, the telephone service may be a premium number, please check. The last and most recent way to book tickets is by the trainline mobile app which is available to download on the apple app store website. The beauty with the trainline app is that you can search and book your journey while on the move.


Please not if you are booking your rail ticket with a credit card thetrainline charges a hefty £3.50 booking fee.


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