An Interrail pass is all you need to travel Europe. With it, you can visit 30 different countries with a Global Pass in one month and each of them is worth the trip. Although, it is best to focus on one or two areas of Europe rather than them all. By doing so, you will get to explore a specific country and areas in great detail and you will get more from your travels.

To help you get the most from your Interrail pass, below you will find the most popular routes people take and some recommendations. A top tip we have for all Interrail pass holders is that you can fly into the countries you will explore by train. For instance, it makes sense to fly to central Europe and catch trains from there rather than waste your time getting to central Europe by train. It is a lot faster flying and you’ll get more from your pass.

Central Europe Routes

Central Europe is a fascinating area of the world. Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia each offer something different for travellers. We recommend you start your journey in Croatia if you want to explore central Europe. You should fly into Croatia to the Split or Zagreb airport and catch your Interrail trains from there. Croatia is a beautiful and unique country with golden beaches, warm seas courtesy of the Mediterranean and excellent food. Hostels in Croatia are plentiful and cheap too, so staying here will not break the bank.

The Route:

Split > Zagreb > Ljubljana (Slovenia) > Budapest (Hungary) > Belgrade (Serbia).

You can fly to another country from Serbia or make your way back to Croatia. 

Eastern Europe Routes

Eastern Europe offers something different to central Europe. Geologically, it is less mountainous and it has a different culture. It is just as welcoming to travellers as central Europe though and the food is equally as good. We recommend you start your Interrail journey in the Czech Republic in Prague or in Budapest, Hungary. The Czech Republic and Hungary are fascinating countries and from here you can easily get to Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria. Fly into Prague or Budapest and catch your trains from there.

The Route:

Prague > Warsaw (Poland) > Bratislava (Slovakia) > Ljubljana (Slovenia) > Vienna (Austria).

You can fly to another country from Austria or make your way back to the Czech Republic.

Alternative Route:

Budapest > Bucharest (Romania) > Constanta (Romania)> Sofia (Bulgaria) > Belgrade (Serbia) > Budapest.

Flying to Budapest and back home from Budapest is the most cost-effective travel route.

Scandinavia Routes

If you want to explore Scandinavia, we recommend that you start your journey by flying into Copenhagen, Denmark. This is by far the cheapest place to fly to in Scandinavia and it is also a very nice city to explore. From here, you can Interrail to Sweden or Norway although it may be a lot quicker to fly to some countries, such as from Sweden to Finland if you want to skip Norway. Of all regions in Europe, Scandinavia is the most expensive to explore although it is arguably the most stunning with some of the most breath-taking landscapes.

The Route:

Copenhagen > Gothenburg (Sweden) > Oslo (Norway) > Stockholm (Sweden) > Helsinki (Finland) > Stockholm (Sweden).

We recommend using Stockholm to travel to Finland, but you can get anywhere from here.

Southern Europe Routes

If you want to travel somewhere where the sun shines, we recommend southern Europe and travelling to Greece and Italy. You can get around southern Europe from any major city and there is plenty to see and do here. To get the most out of travelling in southern Europe, you will want to fly into Rome or Lisbon and start your travels from here. Our first route also requires that you take a ferry to Greece from Bari in Italy. The cheapest flights back home are almost always from Istanbul in Turkey or from Barcelona in Spain.

The Route:

Rome > Naples > Bari > Patras (Greece) > Athens > Thessaloniki > Istanbul (Turkey).

Alternative route:

Lisbon > Porto > Santiago de Compostela > Madrid > Seville > Granada > Madrid > Barcelona.

Flying to Lisbon and back home from Barcelona is the most cost-effective travel route.

The Balkans Routes

The Balkans has lots to offer travellers. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia are Interrail favourites and it is in these countries that you will find lots to explore and experience. We recommend that you start your travelling in Zagreb, Croatia, which is cheap to fly to with direct links to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most popular route people take ends in Athens, Greece, although you can fly practically anywhere in the world from here so you are not forced to return home.

The Route:

Zagreb > Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) > Podgorica (Montenegro, by bus) > Belgrade (Serbia) > Skopje (Macedonia > Athens (Greece).

We recommend exploring Greece once you get there – think of it as an extended holiday.

Western Europe Routes

Western Europe is by far and away the most travelled area of Europe by Train. The rail networks here are excellent and being relatively small, western European countries are easy to get around and explore. We recommend you start your journey in Paris before moving onto Brussels. From Belgium, you should travel into Germany where we recommend exploring the historic cities of Cologne and Berlin. Switzerland is a must-visit country in western Europe but be warned that Switzerland is a relatively expensive country to get around, and the GBP-CHF exchange rate isn’t very strong right now (0.69 British Pounds). 

The Route:

Paris > Brussels (Belgium) > Amsterdam (Netherlands) > Cologne (Germany) > Berlin > Munich > Zurich (Switzerland) > Milan (Italy) > Marseilles (France) > Paris.

If you get the opportunity, explore London too which is a fascinating city with lots of history.

To find out more about Interrail destinations, visit this page on the Interrail website.