What is Split Ticketing? and how can this great technique save you mega money on train fares. Split ticketing is a clever way to save money on train fares, you’ll be shocked at how much money can be saved with this simple technique you can apply to all train travel routes. Don’t worry this method isn’t illegal as It’s all within the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, and has been confirmed by the Association of Train Operating Companies.

Split Ticketing Example

For this split ticketing example we will use the following train route Manchester -> Edinburgh which would cost you £169.00 on the 30th of October 2009, this is a direct and an open return with Virgin Trains.

Now we could travel the same route Manchester -> Edinburgh but instead of buying the ticket direct from train A(Manchester) station to train station D(Edinburgh), we could go from train station A -> B, B -> C, C -> D, and potentiality save bags loads of mulla. And by this I dont mean leave the train at each stop you can stay on. And yes Split Ticketing is allowed and this has been confirmed by Network Rail for more info check this bbc article The only rule is that you must call at the stations you bought the tickets from.

So instead of going direct we would go the following route, below is a break down of each stop.


Manchester -> Preston
Preston -> Oxenholme
Oxenholme -> Carlisle
Carlisle -> Lockerbie
Lockerbie -> Edinburgh

Believe it or not the total ticket price for this method is £97.40 which is £71.60 cheaper than the direct route Manchester -> Edinburgh.

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You may now be thinking why would I spend my time looking for all the stops along my normal route, well you don’t have to, dont forget to check the automated split ticketing tool http://splityourticket.co.uk/ this great site does all the work.