What exactly is split ticketing?

The split ticketing technique can save you a huge amount of money on train fares, whether you’re commuting, going on holiday or a regular trip, the method can be applied to any journey consisting of more than one stop.

In layman’s terms the normal way to purchasing a train ticket would be from the departing station to the exiting station. E.g Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston but with split ticketing you purchase multiple ticket for the stops in-between.

You might of heard that split ticketing is illegal or against train companies policies but actually the method is well within the law and within the National Rail Conditions of Travel – formerly known as the National Rail Conditions of Carriage and has been confirmed by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) which was formerly known as the Association of Train Operating Companies.

Examples of split ticketing

For this split ticketing example we’ll use the following train route starting at Manchester and ending in Edinburgh travelling with Virgin Trains costing a total of £169.00 on the 3rd of June 2019, this is a direct journey and an open return.

This is where it gets slightly complicated at first glance, instead of purchasing a ticket direct from Manchester Piccadilly to the Edinburgh you purchase a ticket from the stops in-between the journey.

So for the example below you purchase a ticket from Manchester Piccadilly to York and a second ticket from York to Edinburgh.

Normal standard fare:

Manchester Piccadilly to Edinburgh standard fare £169.00

Manchester to Edinburgh train ticket standard fare £109.80

Split fare with:

Manchester Piccadilly to York standard fare £18.40

Manchester Piccadilly to York standard fare £18.40

York to Edinburgh standard fare £18.40

york to edinburgh

As you can see from the above journey example that a ticket from Manchester Piccadilly to Edinburgh would cost £169.90 but with the split ticketing method it would cost a total of just £37.80 for exactly the same journey which is a saving of £132.10!!!!

That’s just one example of the thousands of endless split ticketing combinations you can find with a little research.

We recommend using the The Train Line website where you can search for your normal journey as they simply display the stops throughout the whole trip.

It’s also worth noting that specialised websites exist for simplifying the process of choosing and buying the tickets.

One worth using is: https://new.trainsplit.com/

How much can you save?

Theres no standard percentage of the amount of money you can save with split ticketing, but as you can see with the above example(which is not unusual) the price is four times less than the standard fare!

It might seem almost criminal that you are able to save so much money on a train ticket by splitting the tickets into smaller journeys but be rest assured it’s all above board as we’ve mentioned.

Good luck! and we hope you enjoy splitting your future train journeys. If you’ve saved a sinhginficaant amount of money on a train fare please let us know in the comments.