You might not of heard of Red Spotted Hanky, it’s true not many people have as it’s a fairly new company on the train ticket scene. And before you ask, NO! it’s not a type of cake. The train ticket booking website provides a fantastic train ticket booking platform which offers seamless searching and access to thousands of journeys and tickets across the United Kingdom. Red Spotted Hanky uses some of the worlds leading rail booking technology developed and owned by ATOS.

When times are hard websites such as Red Spotted Hanky provide an independent and valued source for regular railway users across Great Britain to gain access to real time journey information giving them the ability the compare thousands of tickets in advance or any day up to travel with the ultimate goal of finding you the cheapest ticket for your required journey.

One good thing about red spotted hanky is that they have an amazing price promise deal that gives the customers that peace of mind which is needed when searching for tickets, they promise that if you find the same journey you booking on there website for that date you can claim the full refund or get red spotted hanky loyalty points to book future train tickets.


Red Spotted Hanky loyalty points

Did you know Red Spotted Hanky has a really cool loyalty scheme providing customers with chance to build up there points each time they book a train ticket online which they can then use to get money OFF there next train ticket? With spotted hanky you get the feeling that customers are valued not only with the price promise but with loyalty points rewarding customers when times are hard.

Customers can earn 1 point for every £1.00 spent on train tickets.

The loyalty scheme is super simple and requires no form filling, simply book your tickets as normal and your good to go!

Red Spotted Hanky Reviews

Our team of independent train ticket editors have rated red spotted hanky and amazing 8/10 for the price promise deal and the usability of the website. Our team found a dream to use with pages loading within rapid time which is usually a burden on other similar websites.

Red Spotted Hanky Vouchers and Discounts

Sorry we are not aware of any discounts or vouchers which you can use on the red spotted hanky website, if we come across and offers we will be the first to post them here, so please check back another time

Red Spotted Hanky Tesco Club Card Deal

If you shop at Tesco and your a club card holder then you could book train tickets through red spotted hanky for free if you have enough club card points. It’s fairly simple for every £10 in Clubcard vouchers Tesco will give you £20 worth of e-vouchers which you can then use to book tickets online.


For a visual review of red spotted hanky please check out the advert/video on Youtube.

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