Did you know that you could be missing out on some very special train ticket discounts? You could save up to a 1/3 of all UK train tickets when you have a rail card. Not everyone is eligible for a rail card, but you might be so keep reading to check for the different types of rail cards available, you could save lots of money every single year!!

Rail Card Types

Here are the different types of rail cards available to use on any UK train service provider.

16-25 Railcard

The 16 – 25 Rail Card is also know as the student discount rail card, it allows students who frequently use the trains to visit family and friends by using the rail network a cheaper train ticket. With the 16 -25 Railcard you will be eligible for a 1/3 of all train ticket prices in the UK. The rail card does cost £28 but in the long run its worth the up front fee. Being in possession of a rail card also gives you access to some special discounts on other things such as hotels and days out. Please see the network rail train website for more information.

Look out for student bank accounts, some banks offer a free rail card to students who open an account with them.

Family & Friends Railcard

The family and friends rail card is exactly what it says on the tin! If your traveling with family or friends you will receive a 1/3 of all UK train tickets prices. The card costs £28 but if your a frequent user of the railways its a great investment. Anyone who is traveling with at least 1 child is eligible for the family and friends railcard.

Senior Railcard

The senior rail card is for persons over the age of 60, it entitles you to 1/3 of all UK train fares on all routes. The senior railcard is only £28 but if the trains are your main method of transport its well worth the investment when you look at the savings you could make over a year.

Disabled Railcard

To be eligible for a disabled persons rail card you must be receiving disabled related benefits and have a valid UK passport. The disabled railcard entitles you to a 1/3 of all train ticket prices across Britain which is fantastic for saving those pennies. The rail card also entitles you to other great discounts such as hotels, days out and restaurant offers.

Network Railcard

For just £28 per year the Network Rail Card entitles you to 1/3 of all train ticket fares across the United Kingdom. To be eligible for a network railcard you must have a valid UK passport. You can also take up to 4 children with you and receive an extra 60% of.

When you have a network railcard you are also entitled to a bunch of very special discounts such as cheap hotels, fantastic 2 for 1 offers on days out and restaurant offers across the UK. To find out more information about purchasing a rail card please visit the official rail card website here http://www.railcard.co.uk/

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