Leading innercity bus service Megabus.com has a sale on at the moment which has not been mass advertised, the seats are available for just £1.00 or €1.00 on nearly all of the bus route stops and network between May 2013 to October 2013.

But we must make you aware of a little catch, a £0.50 pence booking fee is mandatory each time you book a ticket, but the good this is if you find multiple tickets you only have to pay this fee once.

We’ve covered megabus a few times on this website as an alternative to train travel as it’s just super cheap and affordable to many families unlike the current UK train system. It’s also worth mentioned that you have a generous baggage allowance of 20kg, so you could be going on holiday with lots of items or visiting friends, you wont have to pay a penny more for brining your stuff.

To find a cheap ticket and book you need to click here to head over to Megabus.com

  • London to Paris return for £2.50
  • London to Amsterdam for £1.00
  • Manchester to York for £1.00
london bus
Amsterdam bus