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With Megatrain UK you could travel by train for just £1 across top UK locations. YES!! Just £1 whole pound. The super cheap inner city train company Mega Trains has recently announced that thousands of seats on the train service right across the UK national rail network are going on sale regularly throughout the year.

How can you book a £1 train ticket?

It’s simple, just click the link below to go to the £1 ticket search box and your ready to go and find a booking:

Click here to book £1 Megatrain ticket

If your on a strict budget or simply looking to cut your travel costs then Mega Train is definitely the best chance you have of traveling on the railways at dirt cheap prices right through the year. Mega Trains is a train company run by the UK travel giants Stagecoach. This is definitely the cheapest train fare you will ever come across and with the ever increasing prices cheap fares such as these are not to be grunted at and should be snapped up at any opportunity. It’s a MEGA deal!

We forgot to tell you that there is one tiny catch and that’s the booking fee. When you book train tickets through megatrains you are subject to a small booking fee of £0.50 yes just fifty pence. So in total it might only cost you £1.50 which is nothing when you consider what you are already paying.

So why don’t you head over to the megatrain website and see how much you can save and see if you can bag yourself a super cheap train fare at a mega cheap price.

MegaTrain routes and stops throughout the UK

You will be  surprised to know that Megatrain runs a very large selection across the UK including hundreds of popular cities. If you would like to take a look please see below for some of our top routes where you may be able to get a £1 train ticket.

Here are some of the popular routes on the megabus stops.

  • Manchester
  • London
  • York
  • Aberdeen
  • Plymouth
  • Cardiff
  • Sheffield
  • Portsmouth
  • Southampton
  • Nottingham
  • Scotland
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds

Please be aware this is not the full list of stops and services on the network, you will need to visit the mega bus website to see the full list as it’s to big to paste in here, we have just selected a few of the top routes.

Whats the catch with Mega Trains?

Many people think theres a catch because the tickets are so cheap but there isn’t one really! The only small thing we can think of is the tiny booking fee which is smaller than lots of the other companies which are offering exactly the same service. Megatrains only charge a £0.50p booking fee whether you get a £1 train ticket or a £50 train ticket the booking fee does not change.

How to book mega tickets

To book a train ticket simply head over to and the first thing you will see is SID! The megatrains mascot and friendly face. You will see a nice simple search box on the left hand side, this is where you enter your specific train routes and destinations along with times and dates. Once you have entered your specifications simply hit the search button and sid will go and find you the cheapest ticket! Please be aware bookings can be made up to 45 days before the day of travel and will need to be purchased before 0300 hours.

Here is a picture of one of the mega trains stationed at at platform in the UK, as you can see its clean and new not what you would expect for a service which can let you travel to top destinations for £1.00

How it works

Brought to you by Stagecoach and operated by East Midlands Trains, megatrain seats start at £1 (plus 50p booking fee) and range upwards, never exceeding the standard single fare. The best prices are offered to those who book early.

Don’t forget to bring your confirmation

When you have booked your ticket please make sure to print a copy out and carry it with you at all times when traveling on the train. You will need to provide proof of travel when you reach the barriers and yo umay be asked while traveling on the train to present your booking confirmation for staff to check. If you forgot to bring this with you, most train companies will ask you to get of at the next stop but you might be fined.

With thousands of attractions and beautiful countryside dotted around the UK megatrains could be the perfect way to see the sights of the UK.

Also don’t forget to checkout out the £1 deals.