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Megabus UK

How to grab a £1 bus ticket with MegaBus

Megabus UK is considered one of Britons best budget friendly bus companies allowing anyone to travel from just £1.00! Yes you read that correctly, the firm is famous for its cheap promotions while still providing a reliable service.

The company operates as an inner city bus service transporting millions of people each year to and from 50+ destinations. MegaBus provides one of the largest operational bus routes in mainland Europe with all major cities connected from London to Manchester and everything in between,


The company has recently announced that thousands of seats are being sold across the bus services for just £1.00 with a small £0.50 booking fee per transaction. It’s also worth nothing that megabus also have a sister company called Mega Trains where the £1.00 bus ticket offer also applys.

The best tip we can offer you on finding a cheap ticket is to book in advance, so that you have a better chance at scoring a £1 Mega Ticket. Just so you know theyis one of the cheapest bus and coach providers tha twe have featuted here, we haven’t found a better deal or a cheap services across the whole of the United Kingdom. Ask yourself, where else can you get a bus to top uk cities fr a pound? The answer is probably know where besides.

Megabus has a fantastic selected of stops and routes right across the UK. To see if they operate in your area head over to the website and check out the routes section. It’s worth checking because you might alread be paying more for your regular trip with another company.

It’s worth noting that they also charge a £0.50p booking fee, which isn’t much considering that some other companies charge a lot more and they are generally more expensive for the total ticket price.

Don’t forget to check out tickets for the royal wedding, mega bus are providing some cheap bus journeys on the royal wedding day.

How to book your £1 tickets ?

Booking tickets with Mega Bus is Megatasticlly Easy! To book a seat either on the train or the bus service simply navigate to the website here using the banner above and enter your travel requirements in the search box to receive a quote and availability. Mega bus UK can also send you the booking reference and details via text message which helps save the environment and stops paper waste. Remember all you need is your booking reference to travel so keep the message handy on your phone to show the mega bus driver or ticket inspector.

Popular Routes & Locations

Mega Bus Coaches operate within hundreds of top UK destinations from small towns and cities to some of the most popular locations in the UK which can all be traveled to on a mega bus coach journey.

Here are a selection of the top locations in the UK:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Cardiff
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Aberdeen
  • Leeds

Through out the year but mainly peak travel seasons such as the summer holidays, popular UK festivals and bank holidays mega bus will let you book tickets in advance, which means customers have a better chance at scoring at £1 bus ticket. In the past megabus have had some great offers and discounts such as the 10,000 seat giveaway and many other promotional offers. It’s worth keeping an eye out and keep checking back on the website because you don’t know what you might miss.

Are you a student? Grab extra discount on your ticket price

If you’re a student, we’ll give you the heads up on a little discount secret! Well its not a secret but many students don’t realise that if you have a valid NUS card you could save 10% extra with mega bus services. Simply enter your NUS card number when booking online.

Check out Sid the Mega Bus Mascott. It’s noting what the mega bus mascot looks like, so when your waiting for your mega coach you will be able to spot the bus on arrival and you definitely wont miss the bus. Sid is displayed on the side of most buses.

The Mega Bus Booking Fee

With all bus and coach providers each company will charge a booking fee, if you didn’t know mega bus only charge a very small booking fee of £0.50 which is not much considering you might bag your self a bargain on this fantastic inner city bus service.

If you have not been reading the news Stagecoach has just invested a whopping £44 million pounds into megabus to expand the huge fleet of buses across the UK either further. This is fantastic news for anyone looking for cheaper bus tickets in the future as 100 new buses are planned to be deployed! We have word from a press release that The coaches will be running in the UK across prime locations which include the City of London, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Cardiff plus many more routes.

If we have anymore news on this such as specific routes and locations, we will posts as soon as possible to keep you in the loop.

megabus blue bus

Megabus are also offering other services including the sleeper and tracker operation.

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