We can’t think of a better way to discover the quirky delights of Europe than the leading European high speed rail service – Eurostar. Not only does Eurostar provide the cheapest way to travel from London to Paris it is also one of the quickest ways with a total journey time of  just 2 hours, now you can’t get any quicker than that for the price. A joint ownership by multiple companies Eurostar International Ltd, French National railways, Belgian National Railways and Continental Railways it’s a combined effort by multiple European countries to provide an excellent railway service.

London to Paris by Eurostar

Theres no doubt that one of the most popular routes on the Eurostar service is from London to Paris, this frequent service runs around every hour 7 days a week providing a super fast connection between two major European cities. The Eurostar service from London to Paris is cheaper than you may think, its starts at as little as £39 for a single ticket and £69 for a return ticket, that’s even cheaper than traveling across the UK on most train services.

How to get the best price for your ticket?

Getting a cheap euro star ticket is fairly simple if you know the dates and times that you are going to travel on the service, for the chance to book a cheap ticket you will need to book in advance before the day of travel. The worst possible thing you could do is purchase your ticket on the last minute when you have no other option. Some tickets can spiral into the hundreds of pounds because the train companies know that people have no other choice but to pay the prices.

What are the Eurostar trains like?

You might be surprised but the Eurostar service is extremely comfortable with first class services being offer on the trains, the train comes with comfy seating with generous leg room, sacks, refreshments, reading material and an onboard cafe bar, now it can’t get much better than that.

Popular Eurostar routes

Most people think that euro star just operates from London to Paris but in fact thats just for starters the service operates across multiple popular routes throughout Europe. Below we have highlighted some of the most popular routes you can book.


  • Cologne     from 4h11
  • Amsterdam     from 4h40
  • Lyon     from 5h23
  • Strasbourg     from 5h55
  • Geneva     from 6h13
  • Frankfurt